Central Library is situated on the top floor of the institution, occupying a total of 10,994 sq.ft area, with a mission to provide reading material and service of the highest quality, to teach skills needed for academic inquiry and lifelong learning, to support faculty & students,  and postgraduate research, to support the creation and use of multimedia by students and faculty.

The library is situated near of Dhankal More stoppage on B. T. Road. It is also connected with Sodepur Rail Station (Eastern Railway). More than 600 students and faculties are users of the library. Separate Computer section is provided to the users for access e-journals, prepare Projects, Library Dissertation, Thesis, etc. 10 computers are available in the computer section. 


In each and every year we purchase new books and upgrade our old books with the new edition. We also renew the subscription of specialty & related national and international journals according to DCI norms. We provide more than 315 e-journals (EBSCOhost - Dentistry & Oral Sciences Source). Library Dissertations and Thesis are available for references in post graduate studies (MDS). Cds & DVDs are also available in the library. More than 4500 books and above 13 years back volumes of International journals with current issues are ready for references.



  • Net Browsing (Education Purpose)

  • 'EBSCOhost: Dentistry and Oral Sciences Source', SAGE Database (subscribed), NDL: National Digital Library (open access), DOAJ (open)), OAIster (open) to E-journals retrieval at E-Zone

  • More than 4500 books including Textbooks, Reading Books, rare books and Reference Books available

  • Library Dissertation & Thesis are available as library manuscripts

  • 58 International & National dental journals Currently subscribed

  • 13 years back volumes of journals available

  • Wi-Fi internet connectivity 

  • Circulation process maintained by ILMS software #'LIBMAN'  

  • Faculty Reading Room

  • Separate reading platforms for MDS & BDS students

  • Huge sitting capacity for readers

  • DCI recommended specialty International & national journals available in print and online version

  • CCTV cameras & Smoke detectors are installed in the library

  • Fire extinguishers are there in the library and Fire alarm also present. Facilities to prevent fire is available.

  • Emergency Exit is present

  • 360 degrees view of outside through protected glass windows

  • Reprography section 

Chairman's Vision

Years back whenever, I went to my sons' school, somewhere I felt an urge. It took several years to realise that the urge was actually a persistent dream. This dream was within me, germinated since my tumultuous childhood days at the time of freedom movement and partition.

At the dawn of the new millennium, came the opportune moment to realise this dream. The urge was to give back to the society, initiatives which are worth mentioning for their contribution for the people. Thus was born the JIS Group Education Initiatives.

Now it's a proud moment for me and my team, when we see, thousands of students every year leaving the portals of our educational institutions with a smiling face looking ahead to a bright future. While establishing each of these institutions, the objective was to give opportunity to students from eastern India to high standard platform to learn, inherit domain skills which are completely career-linked. This has extended our reach from graduate / postgraduate programmes in engineering & technology, computer applications, management studies, medical science, pharmacy, hospitality management, allied health science, diploma & certificate international programmes techno-commercial subjects and many more. In addition we have also forayed into quality healthcare services through our Dental College; which is the first private dental college in West Bengal.

Our vision is simple – Igniting Minds, Empowering Lives. The journey has just begun. Even my octogenarian physique fills up with invigorating energy for the days ahead. The next two-three years will perceive JIS Group's quantum leap, with several new educational initiatives in the areas of paramedical science, nursing, education, law, automobile engineering, and finally the most ambitious project; a medical college with a modern hospital.

In these ten years, I learnt a lot from life, and now I am confident that the Group is ready to become an initiative of national significance.


Former Chairman, JIS  Group

Managing Director's Vision

In today's world there is a rising trend that shhowcases the fact that youth is more in clined towards quality higher education and rapid expansion of value higher education. this has become the buzz word for the day and also the need of thhe hour.

In this era of technology, specialization and diversification, education and career directly balances one another. although there are varieties of educational fields and abundant career  opportunities available for students, appropriate educationn planning and evaluation is required for an intelligent career chhoice. in this regard it is necessary to mention that the job market is in a constant state of flux, its requirements are ever-changing and more so the present revruitment scenario is fierccely competitive. Thus it is a fact that the fittest candidate will survive the challenges of the industry and therefore  thhe ability to learn, unlearn and relearn is crucial for the candidates. therein establishes the fire necessity for the presence of a visionary educational conglomerate which will fulfill thhis demand of the faculty , students and society at large.

JIS Group Educational Initiatives commenced its journey sixteen years back in thhe field of higher education with an aim to nurture and pursue the innate talent and trust that every disposition with appropriate educational guidance can graduate into successful careers. Culminating out of our founder - Sardar Jodh Singh's aspiration to serve society by imparting knowledge, education and employment JIS group since then has had one mission - Igniting Minds, Empowering lives. Over the years all institutes under JIS Group Educational Initiatives has tirelessly  worked towards developing exvellence in quality education content with the right mix of research exposure, pedagogy and industry opportunities that is at par withh industry requirements.

I genuinely hipe that JIS Group Educational Initiatives bring educational diversity, tradition, academic quality, environment , infrastructure and deserving opportunities as a destination of your higher education and also as a launch pad for your career.​


Managing Director,  JIS  Group

Prof (Dr) Ranjan Rashmi Paul
BDS(C.U.), MDS(Bom),Ph.D (C.U.)
Deputy Director

Deputy Director's message

Principal's message

Guru Nanak Institute of Dental Science and Research is presently one of the premier Institutes of Eastern India and West Bengal that offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the field of Dentistry and Oral Health Sciences 

This institution was conceived more than a decade back with a viewpoint to introduce the uppermost crust of Dental education and aims to provide Dental treatment with state of the art technology to patients across all sections of the society. It is well equipped with resource personnel having the knowledge, skills and attitude to fulfil the ethical standards of the profession and at the same time, showing awareness of the statutory regulation of the profession.
We offer a faculty, who through their clinical expertise, research and education have contributed immensely in both training fresh talents and improving patient care. Moreover with the dental curriculum evolving at a rapid pace with the advent of modern technology the institution is committed to keep its students updated, educated and well equipped to handle many of the most advanced procedures now available in Dentistry. The vision of the management is very well defined and there is no compromise when it comes to imparting quality education and care to students. For every aspiring student our advice is- “Study hard, work sincerely with dedication and the good life will follow you!”

I humbly offer you to come and join us in this enriching journey with a view to achieve your cherished goal as budding dental professionals, for “you will be the one to create beautiful smiles”.


Prof.(Dr.) J. Bhattacharyya
BDS(C.U.),MDS (Prosth)(C.U.)

Secretary's message











Dr. Rana Ghosh


Librarian's message

We are dedicated to delivering high quality, innovative information services, which contribute to the successful learning, teaching and research of the college and the community.

GNIDSR Central library serves as a steward of wonderful treasures ranging from books, journals, Library Dissertations, Thesis, CD & DVDs, e-journals of the world for users community.

We provide our students with the resources and study environment they need, to support them during the course of their studies at GNIDSR. Library staffs are available and happy to assist in finding books and journals, searching online resources, accessing other facilities and equipment.

Mr. Biswajit Saha

MPhil (C.U.), MLISc (C.U.)

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